Letter Of Credit Template


Name of the bank


City, State, Zip


Sir: Mr. / Mrs. / Ms.

We on our part, accept all that goes by the issued notice. We want to ensure to you that we are going to make the payment as per the maturity of the drafts or drafts that has been placed on us. The drafts that go as per the day’s sight and it have been issued by [name of the individual] from [the city’s name]. The specified amount is [amount of money to be mentioned in U S dollars] and that has been specified from your bank [name of the bank].

Most respectfully yours,


[Signature of the person]

Dated: __________

________________________ [Address]

I give the assurance that the amount specified as per the drafts will be issued at the earliest as per the above mentioned credit.


[Signature of the guarantor should be attested above]


Download Letter Of Credit Template In Word Format

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