Letter Of Credit Format

Date of issue ————     iloc number ————–

Beneficiary ————–     applicant ————

Carlos insurance company  amount [$] –

Johns street     expiry date-

2nd avenue      [should be at least 12 months

Kansas City     prior to the issue of this

Missouri- 78652     letter]

Sir: Mr. / Mrs. / Mrs.

We hereby present our irrevocable letter of credit number —————-for you———— under the account ————- for the amount ———–. This is done so only when you present your draft[s]  that are drawn as per the date———— at the sight and the following should be attached with it.
A statement from an authorized executive from the insurance company’s end.  Specifying the details of the letter of the credit and the number of the insurance company.
The original copy of the irrevocable letter of credit placed as well.

Name of the bank
Name and title of the authorized signature
The authorized signature


Download Letter Of Credit Template In Word Format


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