Report Back Cover Letter

Mr. Robert Greenwich,

Robert software solutions,

Veronica Street,

Los Angeles.

Respected Mr. Robert,

I have attended an interview call by your company on 21st of this month and was interviewed by you, hope you remember me. Frankly expressing my view towards that interview, I felt very nervous before I entered the room, but once I took the hot seat, I really felt comfortable and relished which I must say was because of your splendid and supportive behavior. I am very much thankful to you for making me forget my tensions and paving me a way to perform my best.
My intension of writing this letter is that I have forgotten to mention my salary expectation on the day of interview; I am not very much concerned about the salary and anything above or equal $30 k per month is acceptable to me. The main requirement I request from you is that, please give me the development side, ensuring me a scope to grow.

Thanking you.
Mr. Gregory Tyler.


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