Lawyer Job Cover Letter

June 8, 2011

From:Susan Banks
House No: 12B
Main Street
New Jersey

Mr. Steven Gray
ABC Company
New York

9th June, 2007.

Dear Mr. Gray,
I wish to be considered for the post of a Lawyer in your Law Firm, the advertisement of which appeared in the “Law News Journal”, dated 7th June.
I am a qualified lawyer from the International School of Law and have specialized in Civil Law. I am currently working with XYZ Law Firm. My hard-work, sincerity and dedication have earned me many a letter of appreciation from my seniors.
I am currently looking for an opening in a Law Firm which specializes in Civil Cases, as that is not only my area of specialization but also my passion.
I am sure my qualifications, experience and enthusiasm would be an asset and prove to be mutually beneficial.
I look forward to hearing from you at the earliest to discuss more in person. I am herewith enclosing my Resume for your kind consideration.

Thanking you,
Susan Banks


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