Congratulation Letter on Birth of Twins

June 7, 2011

21st July, 2010

Ananya Pati

65/132 Arogya Bhavan

Anna Mali

Chennai 600087

Tamil Nadu

Dear Ananya,

I am thrilled to know that you have given birth to twin boys. Accept my heartiest congratulations on attaining motherhood. My eyes cannot wait to see your babies and hold them in my lap. How are they? Whom do they look like- you or their dad? You know, being a mother is such a special feeling that only mothers can understand. I guess your happiness knows no bounds today, just as mine.

Please call me up soon and let me know when you can come to our house with your kids. As I am busy in office work, I need to take leave in advance. By the way how is Suresh? What were his reactions on becoming dad? I am just dying to see you all.

Contact me soon and convey my love to both of your kids.

Best Wishes


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