Congratulation Letter on Magazine Anniversary

1st July, 2010

Abhijit Singh

Frontier Headlines

4, East Cannught Place

New Delhi  100012

Dear Mr. Abhijeet,

We are delighted to know that your weekly news magazine “Frontier Headlines, has completed its first year. We express our happiness at this occasion. Kindly accept our heartiest congratulation on this achievement. Your weekly magazine has gathered tremendous popularity in just one year and has garnered the favorability of the urban populace.

We are extremely proud to be your partner in this business and wish you all the best in your future ventures. We expect that our partnership and cooperation will help you reach your goals and open new vistas for more readerships and also attract more advertisements.

We would also like to congratulate your team of editors, writers and journalists as their sheer hard work, perseverance and determination has helped the magazine reach this place.

Sincere Wishes

Akash Mehrotra,

CEO, Mehrotra Printers


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