Flame In My Heart

July 5, 2011

Dear Tommy,

My heart is hungry for your love, but my mind is aware of what it cannot have. I know we belong to different worlds so then why did you come and change everything around in my life? I thought I didn’t want to love again, I thought I wouldn’t be able to since my heart has hurt so much. To even say I do – it’s a scary thought, but you came along and I became fearless of it.

It’s hard to explain myself or to put it together in one, the only easy thing to think of is loving you. For just one look into your eyes makes everything in the world and in my life seem to disappear. You make me want to see the sunrise every day, to know it’s another day where I can maybe have you by my side. I know faith can make this work someday if I just keep up my hope, ’til then I’ll think of you just like now; your touch will forever caress me with tenderness, and your kisses will keep the flame in my heart alive in hope that one day you and I will be together….

Love always…


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