Condolence Letter Thank You Letter

Mr Peter Gomes & Mrs Mary Gomes

23, South Block

Real View Apartment

Madison Square

London – N5 2EA

Dear Peter and Mary,

I must confess this to you. To have received a sympathy card from both of

you has done a hell lot of good to me during past few days. Yes it’s true I got

numerous condolence notes either through E-mails or in person, but a sweet

card from your end was more comforting for me.

I do understand that grief does take some time to get over. After spending 4 odd days after my father’s demise, I feel a lot better right now. It will not be possible on my part to forget those wonderful days I had spent with my father. Similarly it is always friends like you who make all the difference between happiness and sorrow. It’s a wonderful experience to know I have friends like you in my moment of sorrow.

Thanks for being a caring and wonderful friend in all timess.

Warm Regards,



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