Condolence Letter Template

June 2, 2011

(Title of the person) (Name of the person)

Address: 1

Address: 2



Dear (Name of the person)

Words fail to express how sorry we/I feel for your loss. (Insert the Name) will be definitely missed by us/me.

All these years we did value his/her (speak of some of the features/action of him/her). We/I / sure to miss his (describe what are the things you are going to miss). We/I will always cherish (Insert the Name)’s sweet memories deep inside our/my heart/hearts (say the reasons why you think he will always be in your heart).

We/I know his qualities (Mention one or two qualities of him which you found very amazing) were always loved by all. He will be an inspiration for us/me (Tell briefly how do you feel he will inspire you, both personally and professionally).

Our/my prayers and thoughts shall be with you.

With love and sympathy.

(Mention your name and surname)


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