How to Write a Condolence Letter

Condolence letters are mostly written to express sympathy and support towards someone who has just lost one of his near and dear one. Always remember such condolence letter is to be written in a tactful manner. It is but natural to get a sense of being intimidated at the sheer thought of writing such a letter. Please do maintain the bare minimum etiquette warranted while writing a condolence letter. For instance:
Always acknowledge the invariable loss and mention the deceased by name.
Express your sympathy in simple words.
It’s wise to make a note of any special quality of the deceased that comes to your mind in that point of time.
Speak about your favourite memory which you hold with the deceased.
Gently offer some kind of help but remember the offer should be a specific one.
Do end your letter with words expressing sympathy. For e.g. “Wishing you the god’s peace” or “fondly” etc.


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