Effective Charity Letter

May 13, 2011

Mr. Ronny Tyler,

Ronny charitable trust,

21-Vergenia Street,

New Jersey.

Honorable Sir,

I have read an article about your charitable trust in The Daily Times and your interview was quite impressive. I thank you on behalf of the society. Frankly speaking the interview changed the perspective of my thought towards charities.

I feel very proud to tell you that I want to donate 30% of my paycheck to your trust and also would like to donate some articles to the children taking shelter in your orphanage.

Please consider my plea to be one of the donators to your charitable trust by accepting my donation and help me feel esteemed and complete human being. Hope you give me a chance to serve the underprivileged, orphan, poor and the old.

Lastly  I would pray the almighty to bless you with good health and let you to continue this social good.

Thanking you .

Yours truly,

Mr. Olive Green .


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