Charity Letter for old Age Center

Mr. Andy Gilbert,


St Mary old age home,

Black pool,

United Kingdom.

Honorable Director,

My name is John Rupert and I would like to donate 25% of my monthly wages to your old age home. I feel sad for the parents who have been abandoned by their children and I am very much sorry for them. So I felt the only way to express my gratitude towards them is to be useful to them in action but not restricting only up to feelings or speech, that’s the reason why I have taken this step of extending my charity in the form of money.

Though money may not buy them that love and care, which they have lost, but it will provide them with some facilities so that they can lead the rest of their life in peace and solace. I adore your work towards the society and may god bless you.

Thanking you.

Yours truly,

Mr. Morgan Stanley.


Downloand Charity Letter for old Age Center In Word Format

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