Formal Cancellation Letter

Ms. Girija Chaudhari

Sales Manager

111 Company

G.E. Hardyal Road, Jalandhar – 144005

April 16, 2010

Mr. Nanak Eswara

Sales Manager

Good Food Inc.

Jalandhar City, Jalandhar-144003

Dear Mr. Eswara,

Let this letter be a formal cancellation letter for your food service in our company.  You have been providing food services for the company for five years now and it is sad that we must cancel your services now.  However, we recently conducted a survey about the quality of your service and many of the employees have expressed dissatisfaction over your service.  In summary, majority of the employees want to change the food services.

Thank you so much for providing us food services for many years.  We have already expressed some of the employees’ complaints over the quality of your food but it still doesn’t meet our standards.  We hope you will be able to improve your services in the future so that you may be considered by the company again.

We wish you all the best.


Ms. Girija Chaudhari


Downloand Formal Cancellation Letter In Word Format

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