Cancellation Letter Format

May 12, 2011

Ms.Paramita Hitendra

Nakodar, Jalandhar


August 1, 2010

Mr. Namasyu Chatterji

Sales Officer

Clean Water Delivery

Bilga, Jalandhar, 144036

Dear Mr. Chatterji,

This letter is to inform you that I am cancelling your water delivery service to my home at the above address.  This is effective one month after you receive this letter.  I need to cancel your services because I will be relocating to another town next month for personal reasons.  I found out that you do not have water delivery services in the area thus I must cancel your services with me.  I have already paid all my dues for your past deliveries and I will be sending you my last payment next month.  Please inform me if I have any more payments to make based on your records.

I will be anticipating your confirmatory letter about the cancellation.  Thank you and good luck in your business.


Ms.Paramita Hitendra


Downloand Cancellation Letter Format In Word Format

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