Words From The Heart

July 2, 2011

Dear James,

Well, what can I say apart from, “Wow!” We’ve had many rides on the Love Roller Coaster. We’ve had our downs, but with plenty more ups, and I am so sincerely and utterly devoted to you. I’m sorry for the times I’ve hurt you, but I’m glad of the times that I’ve made you smile.

We are both birds of free spirit, but we fly together forever. It is you who I am so sure of spending the rest of my life with, to marry, to have children with, to love and to cherish forever and eternally.

And as fear can stop you loving, love can stop your fear. I believe this to be true. When I look towards our future, you are always pictured there. I worry and I care for you. This is meant to be, James. I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind.

I have previously thought that I have been in love, but then you came along, took my hand and educated me further into learning as to what love REALLY is. I have so much to thank you for.

Thank you for believing in me when I could see no light. Thank you for picking me up when I fell and for kissing the tears off of my face. Thank you for giving me the freedom to tell you how I feel without feeling scared of your reaction. Thank you for your respect of my thoughts and feelings.

The fact that STILL I cannot find the words to describe exactly how my heart feels when I am with you, infuriates me. However, even if I had all descriptive vocabulary embedded unto my brain, I am sure that there still would not be a word that would fit exactly right.

Loving you until the skies fall down,


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