The Way of Words

June 24, 2011

It was the way of Love so kind
He always knows for those who find
I still live blind and that’s OK
I would not have it any other way
You must hear for those who’ve heard
The heart has ways. The way of words
Large waves that build without thoughts
With little effort from one’s hearts
And always was for many years
And it was, what it appeared
Never where them short and brief
Something wonderful, Beyond belief
I seek no other way to share
I love you girl, I do much care
For many that have tried and failed
And try to hide behind the veil
But always been for us our way
And always was this love we played
And I can say to all to hear
I’ll make it short, I’ll make it clear
For it always was and always be
I am your lock and you’re my key
In many ways it was for me
My mind is cleared and set me free.


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