The Time Is Now

Dear Rosie,

Through the turmoil of almost 10 years and our life together, our love has persisted and overcome all obstacles. Both of us have weathered our joint and individual crisis until now when the true test of love and partnership is to be made.

I still gaze into your eyes and touch your soul as you do mine. I still thrill to your touch and the tender caress that is now infrequent. The confusion of being is cleared when our hearts open to receive each other’s love and when our tenderness toward each other arouses our physical being. Our spirits are now divided and yet merge in the cosmos and both of us still feel what the union of lion and scorpion can be, the intensity and fulfillment of life’s dreams.

The time is now; the choice of love is ours. Look deep within your heart to find the answer. I have long waited for your embrace once again and the clouds to clear from the heaven of your soul and let the stars shine once again upon us.

Love always,
David K.


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