Lost Desire

June 27, 2011

Dear Charlie,

I feel like you are pulling away from this relationship. There are times when you tell me that you love me but I do not feel like you love me as a man is suppose to love his wife. You tell me this is so unnecessary, but you need to realize it is necessary to me. I am thriving on our love. and when it feels like it is one sided, that hurts tremendously.

Then you do things that confuse me. I see my pain in you when something happens with our daughters. I see that hurt that I feel. Like the message between you and our oldest daughter. I have seen you hurting emotionally inside. You thinking you were bothering her, deciding to leave because you felt like she did not want to talk to you.

The desire I use to feel from you towards me is gone. I feel like you do not want to be with me anymore more in that way. That you just want a family with no strings. And the strings are the need to share ourselves with each other once in awhile. God I do not want it 24/7, but I do need it once in awhile. I need to be touched, caressed and to be able to come together as one again.

Yes, you touch and caress me; I know that, but not intimately like my body thrives on once in awhile. Please help me understand this. Have you lost the sexual desire for me?

Love always,


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