Credit Inquiry Letter

June 18, 2011

Paul Jackson,

569, Alexander City,


June 07, 2011

Credit Bank of Alabama,


Dear Sir,

Sub- Inquiry about the credit services of your bank

I would like to make inquiry through this letter about your various credit services that you usually provide to your customers. I hope that you will understand my needs and provide the relevant reply to my queries.
First of all I would like to know about the various credit products that you provide to your customers, their features and uniqueness. I would also like to know about the procedures and formalities to be followed for acquiring such services. The kinds of documents required for obtaining services.
I would like to know the various charges and interest of various kinds of credits provided by your bank. I would also like to know the terms for which you provide credits.

I hope that you will make prompt and relevant response to my queries.

Thanking you,
Paul Jackson


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