Everlasting pain

June 30, 2011

My Dearest zeina.
I do not know what went wrong between us but I now that every moment we had is true and it shell never be forgotten, maybe I did lied but I did not meant to heart you deeply as I did but now at this moment I regret the moment that I let go away that moment made me the loneliest person in the earth made me sit alone for many long times longing just to hear your voice, just to touch your soft hands that I held with appreciation with warm love, I used to be free never caring for anyone living as I want doing what I want but when I met you every thing changed.
Well what is life with out you, what is living for you not being beside me, not loving me, not hearing me , life is hell everlasting pain. everything I do remembers me of you. every time I try to forget you I would get more into you every time I look in the mirror I find a half soul that is suffering.
When we came to the end I think what have I done what made me go through this if I only changed the words I said It all would be different but what helps regretting now nothing.
I can say only this my apology might not be accepted but I tried to win u back and I never surrendered but kept on fighting .hope you forgive.

With everlasting love
Your loyal aboudy


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