Goodbye Letter To Sister

June 16, 2011

Mr. Nissim Kunderan

Tallakulam, Madurai

Tamil Nadu

March 17, 2010

Ms. Purvi Kunderan

Prince Road, Moradabad
Uttar Pradesh

Dear sister,

Mother has told me the news that you will be leaving your university soon to work abroad.  Congratulations on getting a job so soon and one that would allow you to travel to another country.  I want to say goodbye to you through this letter so I may express what I might not be able to say upfront.
Thank you so much for being a great sister to me.  I know that ever since we were growing up, I have made life a bit miserable to you being a bully older brother.  But I want to tell you that I did all these because I wanted to make you strong and I wanted to protect you from being hurt by others.  I hope you have learned something from me although I have not been able to express my love for you more directly.  Take care always and good luck.

Your brother,



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