Goodbye Letter to a best friend

June 16, 2011

From:Anjil Sheetal,
24 Mumbai,


Preekshah Rickshaw,
39 Mumbai,

23rd August, 2007.

Dear Preek,

As you know I have been applying for further studies in the USA for the last two years. I finally got my letter of admission and visa last week. I am scheduled to leave in three days time. I am both excited and sad. I am sorry to leave India and my best friend.
We have been the best of friends ever since you moved into our street twenty years ago. We have shared everything, our joys, secrets and even troubles. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you for standing by me through many difficult times especially the death of my parents. I wish you all the best in your undertakings in the future.
My email address remains the same. As soon as I am able, I will send you details of my new cell phone number as well as my address. Keep in touch.

Best regards,

Anjil Sheetal


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