Political fundraising letter

June 15, 2011

Ms. Susein Hopkinson

Managing Director

Hopkinson & Company Pvt. Ltd

Dear Ms. Hopkinson,

We are writing you this letter with the reference of Mr. Kelvin Richard, Senior Leader of Canada Republic Society, regarding fundraising program of this society. Kindly find herewith a format of receipt with bank account number to credit your amount which you can courier this back to us.
We need few arrangements to be done for upcoming events regarding polling for the promotion of our party. As you are a potential member of our Canada Republic Society and a good friend of Mr. Richard, so we expect a good donation from you. Also accept our invitation for a small get together.
One of our society executive will stay in touch with you regarding your donation and please confirm your presence in advance to function as well.
We are mentioning our direct society hotline 6893 249 5940 for contact in case of any query.

Thanks & Regards,

Harry Lohana


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