Sample Fax Letter

June 13, 2011

Mr. Abdul Achari


Science Society



Mr. Adhita Bandopadhyay

Surya Lok Colony


Fax no#: 345698757

Dear Mr. Achari:

This is a formal communication to inform you about a Seminar on the Advances in Biotechnology that our organization is conducting on January 30, 2011.  The seminar is open to graduate students taking science-related courses and interested in or taking biotechnology as a major.  The seminar aims to introduce advances in the field that have been taking place in other countries and being introduced in India recently.  We are extending our invitation to students of your school if you wish.  We are faxing along with this letter a copy of the seminar program and other details and requirements for the seminar.  We hope you will participate in this meaningful event that is among the efforts to develop the academic community in the country.  Thank you in advance and we hope to have your students at the seminar.

Respectfully yours,

Abdul Achari


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