Charity Fundraising Letter Sample


Ms. Nancy Harris,

6-4J, Rose Gardens,


Dear Ms. Harris,

Hi. I am Rose Wingate and I am writing this letter to you on behalf of Achievers Point. We are a non profit organization where we teach physically handicapped people some means of livelihood with which they can earn their living.

Enclosed this letter, you can find a beautiful calendar painted by our extremely talented students. All the students who are responsible for this beautiful calendar are physically challenged. They have made these great works of art with their feet. This activity has taken almost months to be completed and the result is for you to see. More such paintings have been auctioned in the exhibition being organized this Sunday. Please be there to encourage and help us in any way you can.

Thanks and regards,

Rose Wingate,

[email protected]

In charge,

Achievers Point


Downloand Charity Fundraising Letter Sample In Word Format

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