Fax Researcher Cover Letter

Ms. Gazala Shah
Thimmiah Road
Prof. Abhra Tagore
Hyderabad School
Prenderghast Road
Fax No#: 453678909

Dear Prof. Tagore,

I have been informed by my employer who is a colleague of yours that you are hiring researchers for a new project you will be conducting.  I would like to apply for the position which I find to be most suitable to my credentials.  I have included my resume with this letter for your review.  I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Biology last year.  Upon graduation, my professor immediately hired me as one of the researchers for his project involving the effects of pollution on biodiversity.  The projects ends this month thus I am looking to continue working as a researcher for your project.  In the research project I am involved in, I have been exposed to the various methods of data gathering in tropical forests.  I am also knowledgeable about the methods of survey and analysis.  I will be available for an interview at your most convenient time.  Thank you.


Gazala Shah


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