Fax Librarian Cover Letter

Mr. Abhiraj Nair
Dadar East
Mr. Paramesh Patel
Human Resources Officer
Claret’s School
Begum Bazar

Fax No#: 453678909

Dear Mr. Patel,

A friend of mine, Mr. Bijal Pillai, informed me recently that you are looking for a new librarian.  I am a librarian by profession and I would like to apply for the said position.  I have attached my resume for your perusal and would promptly submit other documents that you may require.  I am a graduate of Library Science and I have worked as a librarian for five years.  I left my previous employment to attend a special training course that would widen my knowledge in the field.  I am a wide reader and I have extensive experience in managing a large library.  I am willing to work long hours and undergo any other training necessary to do my job well.  I hope I will be given a chance to talk to you personally to further discuss how I am capable to do the job.  Thank you.


Abhiraj Nair


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