Farewell Letter To Daughter

June 12, 2011

Ms. Poonam Joardar

Kanpur Cantt.
Kanpur, 208004

September 1, 2010

Ms. Poordi Joardar

Prithiviraj Road


Dearest daughter,

I received the good news that you have been given a scholarship award to take up Doctorate studies abroad.  Although I feel sad that you must leave the country and be so far away from us, I am happy as I bid you farewell.  I know that you are a grown man now but you know that as a mother, I cannot help but miss my children and worry for them all the time.  I still see you as a fragile child sometimes and feel scared for you since you will be going to a foreign country.  But as I said, you are old now and very much capable of taking care of yourself.  I cannot give you all the advices that I wish to say but one advice is to always take care of your health.  Write soon.




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