Sample Birthday Email

June 10, 2011

To: [email protected]



Subject: Birthday Greetings

Dear Drake,

Wish you a happy birthday. I am amazed that you are twenty two now. Your aunt also wishes you a great birthday. I am pleased to have heard that you have been accepted at the Pittsburg University for your Master’s Program.It is strange that I know you since were a child and now you are a young woman, ready for college and higher studies. I am pleased that you are making all of us proud by your academic ventures. I met your school friend Cathy when I went to the Christmas party this year. She is doing a secretarial course and will be joining her dad soon to run his office. Do keep in touch with us.Greg also sends his best wishes to you. He insists that you join us for next Christmas. I hope to hear from you soon.


Uncle Smith


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