Love E-mail

Dear Jack,

We have been friends for so long.  There were lots of laughs and tears between us. Distance and missing makes us realize how much we love a person and what they mean to our life.  I still remember our first meet and it was the beautiful shaped memory that I can never forget. I am also attaching the pictures of that moment with this mail which you will surely love to see. We might have fought many times, scolded one another, and might have even ceased to speak for a period.
Every day your love binds me more deeply than I knew the day before. Beyond all these layers of laugh, anger and tears, there is always a rightful affection and meaningless possessiveness that I have always felt for you. You are the only one that I feel very close to my heart. Now I’m telling you that you are the only one for me. I Love You.

I will be eagerly waiting for your reply.

Love Always,


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