Pharma Job cover letter

June 8, 2011

Susan Banks
House No: 12B
Main Street
New Jersey

Mr. Steven Gray
ABC Company
New York

6th August, 2007.

Dear Mr. Gray,

This is with reference to the Pharma Job advertised by you in “Pharma News” dated 4th August. I wish to be considered for the same.
I am a Graduate, having majored in Pharmaceutical Science from the College of Medical Sciences. I am currently working in XYZ Pharmaceutical Company.
I feel the time has come for me to move on to a more challenging and professionally satisfying job. I am sure a leading pharmaceutical company like yours would offer me a stimulating work environment and help me develop professionally.
I am sure my qualifications and experience would match your requirements. My dedication, hard-work and ambition would prove to be mutually beneficial if selected.
I am enclosing my Resume for your consideration and look forward to meeting you in person to discuss things further.

Thanking you,
Susan Banks


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