The love that I will never have!

July 6, 2011

Dear John-
Since the first day we meet I feelt that everything was in its place. You brought laughter and smiles to my face and almost instantly I feel at ease. Then I felt your trust and also that rush or feelings and excitment that you can only get from that first time.
You are a great man, and someone that I admire so much. But I know the even that we share so many moments together with lots of passion and love, you will never be mine. That will be my loss. I’ve found so much love in your eyes, in your kisses and in your sould, that the only thing that I can continue to do is to just let go and keep my love for you.
Things have not bee easy for you and me, we have proven our love for each other in many ways. We cried together we laugh together, we had share a loss that will always keeps us together, even if life decides to take us in different paths, we will always share the secret of our love. We will always smile in our heart to know that we were loved and cared for.
I will always love you no matter what happens, but today I felt that I needed to grieve the lost of not having you here. I miss you so much with and today I’ve decided to tell you that my biggest fear is not to have you around in my life.


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