If only

July 6, 2011

if only i had the gulls to say what i’ve said to other’s befor you. however i can’t for you are not them. what i fell for you is guwine and strong . i wish i could say thats just our history talking but we’ve only known each other for such a short period of time. but some how you have worked your magic on me and now i’m stuck with the though of you in my head day in and day out.. your the 1st voice i want to see in the moring and last i want to talk to at night. when i dream it’s of you and your tender kisses. taht drag like butterfly’s across my body and mind.
If only i had gulls. then you would know.
than i would know. but i don’t so i won’t.
so for now i’ll just admire you from a far.
but your always in my heart.


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