Condolence Letter on Loss of Father-in-Law


Mrs Vasundhara Purandare,

Head Clerk,

Accounts Department,

St. John’s College of Law and Commerce,


Tamil Nadu.

July 30, 2010

Subject: – Condolence on the demise of your father-in-law

Dear Vasundhara,

I am gravely upset to know about the shocking news about the death of your father in law. You were so attached with him since early years of your marriage. Last three months went like a storm for you. Let his soul find solace in Heaven!

He was not only a noble man, but a great man too. Whatever he had achieved in his life, he did them with full respect and care. It was a huge opportunity for me to come close with such a gentle man. We have nothing in our hands to save a person like him from his demise.

Please receive my heartfelt condolences and I hope you would recover soon in your personal fronts. I am hoping to see you soon at office.


Pradya Kulkarni


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