General Condolence Letter


Mrs. Jaini Kulkarni,

Newtown municipality,


West Bengal

August 2, 2010

Subject: – Condolence on death of your husband


To begin with , accept my deepest condolence on the sad demise of your husband Late Yohan Kulkarni. Yohan was one of my colleagues. I and Yohan worked together in the same company for the last seven years. I could not believe my ears when for the first time I heard about the news.

As you know death is one of those harsh and hard realities which one can’t but accept. So, please do not lose the strength of your mind. You and your son have a long life ahead. Please keep in mind Yohan’s best wishes will always be with you throughout the rest of your lives and in the mean time if you need any kind of help please let us, Yohan’s colleagues know once. We’ll try to do our best to resolve your problem.


Vinay Kumar


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