Neighbour Complaint Letter


Phil Massey

67, Park View Apartments



Ms. Tanya Potter

66, Park View Apartments


9th February, 2009.

Ref: Disturbing Noise Levels

Dear Ms. Potter,

I am writing to inform you about the inconvenience we are facing because of the extremely loud music you play in your apartment.

We could have put up with it if it was a onetime occurrence, but, I am sorry to say, that it has been happening on a regular basis.

Though we respect your right to enjoy, I have to remind you that it is causing a great deal of disturbance to us.

I hope you understand our predicament and reduce the volume, so that we can continue to live in a more amicable manner.

Thanking You,


Phil Massey


Downloand Neighbour Complaint Letter In Word Format

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