Order Cancellation Letter

May 12, 2011

Ms. Panna Chapal

Sales Manager

AAA Publishers

Sector 10, Faridabad – 121006

December 16, 2011

Mr. Nalin Himanshu


123 Electronics

Sector – 17, Faridabad – 121006

Dear Mr. Himanshu,

I write to you in behalf of the company to cancel our orders for ten printers from your company.  The printer that you have delivered to us for one-week trial has not been performing well.  The functions that were specified in the brochure are poorly done by the printers.  In addition, we have been experiencing problems with the printer you have delivered to us such as frequent paper jams and ink blots.  Our technician has already checked and repaired the printer but the problem persists.

We have opted to buy another model of printers but also from your company.  Please send us brochures and the prices of your new model of printers which we may choose from.  Our sales manager will conduct other details of this business with you.


Ms. Panna Chapal


Downloand Order Cancellation Letter In Word Format

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