Business Recommendation Letter

July 31, 2010

The Manager,

Quality control,

Messrs. Gaga Waters,


Dear Sir,

With reference to your recent trade enquiry letter dated 22nd July, 2010, I would like to recommend you to consider the quality of Messrs. Pearlpet Bottle Company as I understand that they are maintaining pretty good quality of plastic in bottle manufacturing.

In fact, we have been using their bottles for our drinks and you know we will not compromise on quality in delivering the goods and this supplier has been quite satisfactory in meeting our deadlines and requirements in quantities.  Besides, there is another option Messrs Sripet bottle manufacturers but they are comparatively on a lower rung in maintaining the quality and thickness of the bottles and overall, they are a good option.  Because of the location of these two suppliers locally, we can contact them even at last minute and can have the delivery of goods right in time all the times.  You can consider them for your requirements.

With best wishes.

Yours sincerely,


Manager quality,

Visakha Bottling Company.


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