Bank Account error correction Letter

May 27, 2011

[poultry Street]
[Ec1 2BR]


Dear Sirs:

Recently, I, the undersigned, received a monthly statement from your bank that reports deposits, other credits and debits from the account. A problem was noted in the recordation of the accounting process as reflected and reported to [me (us)]. A copy of the statement is enclosed for your review. You will note that:

[Description of Error]

This problem, as delineated above, was brought to the attention of [name of individual] via [a telephone conversation or in person at the bank] on the [day] day of [month], [year].

As a result of that conversation, [I (we)] felt it imperative that correspondence be directed to you relative to this particular problem. It is hereby requested that the problem be rectified immediately. Your prompt assistance with this matter is most appreciated.

Thank you,


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