Application Letter for Referral

August 7, 2010

Mr. K. Sridharan

Srivari Enterprises Private Limited

19/20, Ambattur


Ref:  Ravishankar Gopalan (Worked as your personal secretary 1998-2003).

Dear Sir,

I wish to apply for the post of personal secretary in the ICICI Bank.  Along with other documents, they have requested for testimonials.  I would be grateful to you if you will issue a letter of referral.

The job in Srivari Enterprises was my first employment and it was you who equipped me with all the expertise that I have now.  I believe I have been honest and sincere in my work with you and that you have always been satisfied.  I trust that you are the one who knows the best about my working capability as I have been your personal secretary for five years in the past.  So I wish that you will be my first referral.  Hope you will say all that you can in my favour.

I will always be remember with gratitude my days of apprenticeship and employment with you.

Yours Sincerely,

Ravishankar Gopalan


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