Good Application letter

An application letter or a cover letter is a form of formal communication between an individual and an organisation, whereby he appeals for something or applies for a service. Since it’s a formal letter and often helps in creating the first impression, it is important to follow some steps while writing an application letter.

  • The first paragraph should state the subject clearly
  • Keep the letter brief and to the point, avoiding long sentences
  • The language must have a formal tone
  • The body of the letter provides you with an opportunity to present yourself or your intention to the reader
  • If you are writing a job application, tell the reader about your present job and why you are looking to move on, emphasizing on your skills
  • The conclusion should round the letter off, leaving the reader with a positive image
  • It should sum up briefly what you mentioned in the body of the letter
  • You can mention any items you are enclosing for the reader’s perusal.


Download Good Application letter In Word Format

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