Sample Pregnancy Announcement Letter

May 19, 2011

August 2, 2010

Col. Rajendra Kumar,

36, Light Infantry,

C/o. 56 APO.


My dear son,

Hope everything is alright with you on the war front.  I feel proud of your service to the nation against all odds.  Here, we are all fine and doing well.  Especially, my daughter in law, Ragini is daily dreaming of your arrival and her pregnancy has now been confirmed. We are taking her regularly to the lady doctor and she assures us that everything is in order. However, we are taking extra precautions for her better health and following all guidelines given by doctor for safe motherhood.  She is fine and busy in thinking for the right name for the baby to come.

We are overjoyed on hearing the news from the doctor and hope it brings you joy, too.  You know motherhood to any girl is a lifelong cherished dream and bringing up a child as with parental responsibility is one of the toughest jobs in the world. Keep in touch with her frequently and although you are not beside her, let her know that you are not too far away either.

With best wishes

Yours affectionately,

Rajaram Sukumar


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