Letter of Agreement Template

Name of recipient:

Name of organisation:



Subject: Letter of agreement (name topic)

Dear Mr (name),

On behalf of (name of organisation or company), we would like to thank you for your company’s generous contribution of (mention amount) towards our organisation (name) to financially support the (name of award/event). This letter of agreement will provide our agreed terms regarding the (award/event).

The sponsorship will be for the duration from (date) to (date). During the event, we will recognize your company as sponsor and will be permitted to use the name and logo of company without paying any royalty. Your company gains no rights other than the sponsor rights set forth in this letter of agreement.

Even if the event is canceled or extended, we reserve the sole discretion to use the company logo in our promotional activities.

If you agree to the terms, please sign and send a duplicate copy of this letter to us.





Download Letter of Agreement Template In Word Format

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