Agreement Letter Example

July 29th, 2010

Julian Asanz,



25, West Minister,


Dear Asanz,

With all appreciations to your revelations of governmental gimmicks, I would like to offer our services of providing details of various departments/local bodies that are direct in public dealing on piece rate basis for your online enquiry.  We would provide each one @ $ 100 and this charge includes the details of website id and contact numbers of reliable officers therein

However, we would like to caution you that extra care should be exercised not to poke into the individual details of the persons and honor the personal privacy at any cost.  No vested interests should work behind any such revelation.  The entire process should be strictly in public interest to save the public money from the misuse of the men in power. The payment can be made in three installments, first on agreement, the second one supply of 50% of the addresses and the final payment on giving full details.  If the terms are acceptable, kindly send any responsible representative to ink the agreement.

With best wishes

Yours Sincerely,

Roger Hagen


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