Agreement Letter Format


Name of recipient:



This agreement is made on (state date) between and among (name of first party) (Sponsor), and (name of second party) (Composer). (The opening paragraph names the parties in the agreement and mentions the date of the project. Use full names as it is a formal letter).

As per the agreement, the sponsor agrees to provide (name services), facilitate (mention provisions), plan and carry out the following tasks. The composer agrees to cooperate with the sponsor to (name the responsibilities of the composer). (The second para will have the purpose of the agreement and the different clauses to be followed).

The sponsor must make the following grant to the composer. (Mention the financial obligations in details).

By signing the agreement, the sponsor and composer agree to the above mentioned clauses. This agreement is governed by and shall be construed under the laws of the state of (name).

Accepted and agreed





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