The Wait

July 3, 2011

Dear Love,

It’s been a while since I’ve expressed my feelings to you, and it’s about time that I do so. It seems so unfair to you that I unconsciously keep to myself; that when you ask me what’s wrong, I’ll say that there isn’t anything wrong. But instead of frowning, you keep a smile, take my hand to your lips, and kiss it. I thank you for your patience.

When I start a fight saying that you were looking at another, you’ll say that I’m the only one in your heart. You’ll say it over and over if you have to. I thank you for your reassurance.

When I’m quiet and troubled, you take me in your arms and you squeeze tight because you know that words are not needed. I thank you for your empathy.

You have given me love the moment we’ve met. And you’ve given it unconditionally even when you thought that it wouldn’t be returned. I love you that way.

And you know what else?

I know that you could have chosen anyone to be with you right now. But instead, you waited until I came along. You waited until I, for all people, waltzed right in front of the door to your heart before you opened it. And you’ve kept it open ever since. I’m glad that you waited.

Because I’ve also been waiting for you.


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