Thank you, “Angel”

July 3, 2011

Dear Ronald,
How are you? Hope you’re doing fine. Just want to say thank you for everything even though you broke my heart. We were so close that I thought you were the one for me… I did not realize that you will be leaving me alone even though we spent together for 3 years.
And because you were my first love, the day you left me was the day I thought I’d rather die. But here I am, already moved on.
Sometimes I thought of you if you are doing well. If you are happy right now, if you still remember me or not. Just simple ways to remember you.
Hope you’ll find the one for you, the one who will love you more than I do. And the one who’d rather die not being together with you. I know I gave everything to you, hope the girl you are with right now will surpass me in everything.
Again, thank you very much for the love you gave to me from those years. Take care…

From your fallen angel,


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