Let’s Rewrite Our Story

Dear Nkem,

How are you doing now and today? Hope all is fine. Well, it has been a very long time since we’ve seen each other and I must let you know that the pain I’m having right now is more than what I can express to you in writing.

Nkem, it’s time for us to put away our childish attitude because now I really know how much we are missing each other. Please, do come back to me; you still have a place in my heart, I am assuring you that I have been very lonely ever since you said goodbye.

Remember those days when we both shared together the songs we sang together, how we played together, the smiles that come on us each time we see each other. Nkem don’t throw away all the sweet memories, which we have shared.

My one and only, please come back to me. You still have a place in my heart. I know quite sure that you may feel I will not give you a chance based on the old stories. This is the only opportunity we have to rewrite our history. Never mind, just put away your pride because I’ll accept any simplicity at any giving time.

Come back, please come back and rewrite our history.

It’s me, your one and lonely,


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