A Second path, a second chance

June 29, 2011

Tears come out of my eyes as soon as you said “it’s over”. There was a smile on my face because I knew it was a joke. As soon as I saw that upside down smile on your face, I wanted to drop down on my keens and beg you to forgive me.

What did I do wrong was a question that remained unanswered for 2 years. I’ll remember that moment forever. You never know what I was going to do as you said the last two words to me.

You were the lover of my life. Without you, I can’t live. I am begging for a second chance. We both went thought many obstacles together. I’ll miss the smile I see everyday from your face. That was a smile that gives me feeling that I can’t describe.

Please give me a second chance. Guide me out of this dead end and I’ll have a second path.

Let’s enjoy a new relationship and forget the memories that broke the heart. A heart won’t heal by itself. Glue it together by putting your arms around me.


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