An Example of a General Thank-You Letter

June 19, 2011

Send a thank you letter to express gratitude to the letter recipient. The circumstances under which you would convey thanks are varied and include both business and personal types of situations. As is the case with all letters, the style and wording you use in a letter depends on the specific circumstances.

Use appropriate tone in your letters, depending on your audience. For example, if you know the recipient well and are not sending a formal thank you letter, you can use more casual tone. Most business letters call for a formal style. In general, it is best to keep letters as short and concise as possible while still communicating the necessary information.

Feel free to customize and modify any of these letters according to your individual needs. If possible, send thank you letters promptly and in a timely fashion. For example, if you are thanking someone for a gift, send the letter as soon as possible after receiving the gift.

NOTE: In all letters, brackets indicate information that you should fill in. Remove the brackets when you have modified the text to your liking.

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email


City, State, Zip Code

Dear [First Name, or Mr./Ms. Last Name, if you do not know the person well]

Thank you for all your help with [describe the help you were given].

I especially appreciated the information and advice you offered and the contacts you shared with me. Your assistance has been invaluable during this process.

Again, thank you so much. I greatly appreciate your generosity.


Download General Thank-You Letter In Word Format

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